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Congress President Sonia Gandhi's Historic Speech

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi's Historic Speech

Congress President Sonia Gandhi today laid the foundation stone of Indira Gandhi Bhavan at Kotla Road in New Delhi on the occasion of 125th anniversary celebrations of the Congress Party. This building will be the new headquarter of Congress party.

On this occasion she said that this is the time to take inspiration from the golden history of the party. Congress President said, “We have gathered here to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our party and we will try to find the source of strength which has guided us in facing the challenges over the years. In the coming year, we will remember our ancestors whose sacrifices and contributions have brought us here, without which it would not have been possible. We will remember those events which built a new India and which brought changes in the social, historical and economic life of our nation.

Indian National Congress has always led a secular, democratic and accommodative India. It has empowered those who have been deprived and downtrodden for centuries. It has linked the tradition with modern ideas and developed unity among diversity. Indian National Congress was a people’s movement which led this country towards freedom from an imperial rule. It also led a movement to provide its citizen the social, economic and individual liberty.

It was the party which laid the foundation stone of a modern India. It is a party which built the infrastructure for a powerful nation and pushed overall development.”

Congress President said, “Our party has built India which knows it’s destination in modern global world with full confidence. Our past is a live document of our work in the field of public sector. This is our fortune that our party was led by such men and women who were unparallel in honesty, farsightedness and devotion They showed us the right path.

Mahatma Gandhi was pioneer in pushing the idea of independence in the hearts of millions of Indians without any use of violence and suppressing any soul. He was such a leader whose resolve and devotion shook powerful empire. He created a wave of reform and change in the public life and groomed a group of committed leaders who are the heroes in our freedom struggle.”

Talking on the role of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress President said, “After independence, Pandit Nehru pushed forward the idea of secularism, parliamentary democracy, scientific point of view and modern schemes. He played a major role in reshaping India and putting it respectfully on international map. He brought the Non-alignment Movement to a new height.

It was due to the policies of Pandit Nehru and his colleagues like Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad and various leaders of the country that we managed to face major hurdles and storms after ourt independence. He laid the foundation for a strong and self-dependent India.”

Congress President Sonia Gandhi's Historic Speech

Congress President said, “When Shastriji became Prime Minister, he did not get ample time to execute his policies. But we still remember his contribution. Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan the

Talking on former Prime Minster Late Indira Gandhi, Congress President said that it was she whose policies threw a far reaching impact on contemporary India. She further said, ” Indiraji did not care for vested interests and moved forward with a firm resolve. She protected the boundaries of our country even after facing great pressures from world powers.

She was the voice of the poor and children and she maintained the self respect of our people. She loved this country and its people. “

Congress President Sonia Gandhi's Historic Speech

All the prominent leaders of the party including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh were present on this occasion.