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The ‘Putin Generation’: exactly just How Vladimir Putin has won over youth that is russia’s

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The ‘Putin Generation’: exactly just How Vladimir Putin has won over youth that is russia’s

VIEW: an polling that is independent has discovered that 86 percent of young Russian grownups through the many years of 18-24 approve of President Vladimir Putin. Jeff Semple reports.

They’re nicknamed the “Putin Generation”: Young Russian grownups who possess no memory of every leader that is political Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president first rose to energy 18 years ago and contains remained atop the Kremlin — either as president or prime minister — from the time. And lots of young Russians say they enjoy it this way.

“He’s done a lot for the nation. hotbrides.org/ There isn’t any one like him,” said a new girl relaxing at a beach in St. Petersburg. “He’s the coolest.”

Based on a study this past year by the Levada Center — Russia’s only major separate polling company — 86 % of young Russian grownups (between 18 and 24 years old) accept of Vladimir Putin as president, the approval rating that is highest among all ages team.

This means that, young Russians like Putin much more than their moms and dads do. And unlike their moms and dads, the “Putin Generation” will not obtain news from Russia’s Kremlin-controlled television systems.

Alternatively, like teenagers in Canada, Russian youth manage to get thier news and information on the internet, which continues to be mainly available and unrestricted in Russia.

Olga and Alex state they manage to get thier news from social networking and foreign-based magazines.

Jeff Semple / Worldwide Information

“My mother watches plenty of television, but i realize so it’s propaganda more often than not,” said Olga, a new woman that is russian through Gorky Park in Moscow. “We have actually plenty of buddies in foreign countries on Facebook and we also is able to see lots of information from their store.”

Olga’s boyfriend, Alex, stated he mostly gets their news from Russian-language magazines based away from Russia.

“You see actually different some ideas and extremely various views concerning the things that are same. You will need to make your opinion that is own about,” he said.

In this Aug. 26, 2018, file photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin rests during a mini-break in the Siberian Tyva region, Russia sunday. A Russian state-owned tv channel has a unique weekly present affairs system specialized in the president that is russian. Rossiya 1 aired the episode that is first of. Kremlin. Putin.” on Sunday, Sept. 2. It stressed work that is putin’s deal with different crises and also to remain in touch with ordinary Russians.

Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Picture via AP, File

Another young Russian called Paul told Global Information he checks out news that is non-Russian online that is critical of Russia’s international interventions in Ukraine and Syria, which may have provoked a flurry of financial sanctions from Western nations, including Canada.

“Putin is great at several things within our country,” he said. “But their work outside of the nation, I don’t think it is excellent. We lose a complete large amount of relationship with nations around Russia.”

But from the entire, young Russian grownups look happy to accept Putin’s iron fist and aggressive international policy, in substitution for whatever they see as financial security.

“i realize if people compare Putin’s rule that is long a dictatorship. But like it, it’s not like you have to buy a new one,” quips Mariya Voropayeva, the head of Russia’s Youth Parliament if you wear a T-shirt for one year and you. “What’s most significant is security plus the results that are real our nation.”